Rotary Walk 2013 conquered by 5th

20 May 2013

2013-05-19 14.20.19

The Rotary Club of Letchworth Garden City runs an annual sponsored walk around Letchworth, following (roughly) the Greenway. The Greenway is a cycle/walking path that encircles Letchworth and more or less follows the boundaries of the Garden City. Each year, 5th Letchworth uses the Rotary Walk as its main fundraising event, and this year was no exception.

I was with the Scouts, so I can only really comment from their perspective but I know that many Cubs and Beavers were walking as well, because I saw them during the morning.

We started off as a group at about 9AM from Highfield School: seven Scouts, five Leaders, four dogs and a three parents. We stayed together on the first leg to Standalone Farm but pretty soon the older Scouts headed off into the distance and were never seen again (they did finish!). We lost parents and most of the dogs at Standalone Farm and then it was just those pictured above who walked the rest of the way together.

2013-05-19 11.51.22

The weather was close on perfect, dry but not too warm, and we made good progress. Overall we walked the 24km in 4h14m (excluding stops) at a pace of 10m40s to the km. That’s a good pace to keep up for that distance. We made sure everybody did some long stretches at the end, just to make sure there were no major after-effects.

We’ll know how much we raised in the next couple of weeks, but congratulations to All who walked and raised money for 5th.

Gareth Howell – GSL