Never before has weeding been so much fun

6 June 2013

Parents take note: Scouts do like weeding; if it’s made fun!

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As our contribution to the annual Scouting Community Week, the Scouts agreed to help out with some weeding at a local nature reserve. Ivel Springs is located just to the north of Baldock and is the source of the River Ivel, which flows into the River Great Ouse and the North Sea!

The task was to hack down all the vegetation that had grown up around some saplings that were planted in February of last year. Armed mainly with shears, the Scouts set to work. Initially the question was “Are we doing this all evening?“, but this was soon forgotten as they set to, ferreting out hidden trees and dispatching offending weeds. Eventually they had to be stopped so they could have a cuppa, but they soon went back to work again.

Phil Charsley coordinated our efforts and made tea, for which we were all very grateful.

Thanks to all the Scouts, Leaders, and even a parent, who joined in to help.

Images by Tim Stroud