A new Scout’s view of Green Beret

23 November 2014

Green Beret is a challenging and exciting camp. You have to be prepared for the mud and tasks as well as the fun.

Scouts at Green Beret 2014

It’s a competition between Hertfordshire scouts.This year we were at Phasel’s Wood and there were 157 teams of up to 6 scouts.

We had to do several activities that challenged us mentally and physically. We started the morning with orienteering. We had to use a map to find 15 bases in 45 minutes. We only found 5, but that was still more than most. Then it was onto the day bases, where we could choose from 160 activities ranging from climbing over a van to naming all the ordnance survey symbols.   My favourite base was where we made a giant marble run out of guttering and bamboo stalks.

We then did a really tough assault course; crawling through tunnels, leaping over high branches and climbing upside down along a rope. It was really muddy. After that, we continued with the day activities until 5:00 pm. Just before we started our night activities, we had some delicious food and a slice of cake covered in custard.

The night activities included pulling a truck and naming country flags. Annoyingly, many of bases had massive queues. When we came back, we were all exhausted.

In the morning we took down our tents and prepared for the awards ceremony. We came 36th, not bad considering we didn’t finish the night activity.

I would definitely recommend Green Beret. But remember it is not a camp for the faint hearted.