Scouts walk 14 miles to raise funds

19 May 2014
Scouts in front of jurte

Scouts warming up to walk 14 miles

Every year, Letchworth Rotary Club organises a 14 mile walk around the Greenway to raise funds for themselves and for those entering. As a group, we have used this event as our main fund raiser for some years.

This year, we did things differently. We wanted to have a camp, and we also wanted to take delivery of our new Jurte, a large “mess” tent based on a yurt and used widely by scouts in Germany. We had seen these black tents at international events and have wanted one for ages.

We booked to camp at our local District Site at Wymondley Wood. We spent the day doing a tracking hike with patrols taking it in turns to lay trails for the others to follow. It was very hot and we had to curtail it in the afternoon.

After Mark from De Jurte came along and showed us how to erect the new tent (still to be named), we had dinner and then lit a fire in the middle of the tent. It’s OK, that’s part of the design and one of the reasons we really wanted one.

On Sunday, the Scouts joined the Rotary Walk from Wymondley (after competing in the District Archery and Air Rifle competition) and did the whole 14 miles in just five hours (including stops). That’s really good considering the heat.

The new tent is awesome, but it’s going to need a bit of practice before we can get it up really quickly. Mark reckons about 45 minutes once we have the knack of it.

Cubs and Beavers were also walking the Greenway, so hopefully we’ve raised quite a bit of money for the Group.