Articles tagged with: Summer Camp

Articles tagged with: Summer Camp

Scouts go wild in Wales

27 Aug 2015

Each summer, we try to give our Scouts a different camping experience. Over the four years they tend to be with us they get the opportunity for: a land activities camp, a water activities camp, an International camp, and Lochearnhead. This year it was land activities and we spent a week camping at Plas Pencelli near Brecon. This is an activity centre owned by Swindon Education Authority, but we only made use of the toilets and showers, plus their excellent instructors.
During the week, the scouts did: two all-day hikes (one …

A Scout’s view of this year’s summer camp

21 Sep 2013

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I really enjoyed camp , even though I was the only girl! But I quite liked having my own tent!
I liked all of the activities we did, especially the rafting.
It would have been nice to have had the opportunity to sail different boats i.e. the toppers/topaz.
I really liked sailing on the big boat with Graham and Terri, because its something I’ve never done before and it was all new and exiting!
I think the cooking/cleaning system worked well because once you had done your day, you had a whole day …