A Tribute to KJ

Last month, we were sad to hear the news that one of our oldest members had “Gone Home”.

Ken Johnson (KJ) was never a cub or scout but was very active with 5th Letchworth as an adult. Jeff Robson has penned a tribute to KJ and I gladly publish it here, with Jeff’s permission.

A tribute to Ken Johnson

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After spending some years as Scout Leader, I am now Group Scout Leader. That means I'm in overall charge of the Group and responsible for all scouting activities at 5th Letchworth. For my day job I run a managed IT services provider that focuses on the legal services industry.

3 thoughts on “A Tribute to KJ

  1. Thanks for the write-up Jeff. I was a member of 5th Letchworth Acouts, Seniors and Ventures during the sixties (and was with 2nd Letchworth at Walesby Forest when KJ visited in 1961) – Sad to learn that KJ has “gone home” and would be pleased to know if there is going to be any more concrete tribute to his memory.
    By the way – his date of birth was 22nd July 1930.

    • Hi Roger
      KJ specifically asked for a low profile, no fuss, funeral. I don’t spect to hear more about it until after it has happened 🙂

      Hopefully, there will an opportunity to celebrate his life at a later date.


  2. Great tribute Jeff, I remember the Coordinator Sunday evenings sitting on the pavement outside the post office sticking stamps on copies and posting.
    We had some great times in the Rovers with KJ.

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