Cubs are the middle children in the Scouting family.  Girls and boys can join from age 8, moving on to the Scouts section after they turn 10 1/2 years old.

Our activities act as a conduit between Beavers and Scouts. We build on what they learn in Beavers and are responsible for preparing them for Scouting, all the while never forgetting that they need to have fun as well.  We start to explore the more active aspects of Scouting once they move on to Cubs, with outdoor camps and community interaction. We also take part in Scouting events with other Cubs from across the country.

Badges are an important part of Scouting, and by the time they get to Scouts, they feel a sense of achievement by these Cub awards. They can feel proud of themselves and show everyone what we have learned and earned.

Joining Us

The Cubs section at 5th Letchworth is extremely popular and our cap is 22 Cubs in any given term. We meet on Tuesdays between 6.30 and 8.00pm, sometimes at the Scout hut on Spring Road and sometimes remotely.

You do not need to wear a uniform when you first come and meet us. We like to give you a few weeks to see what Cubs is all about and the amazing things you can do with us.

After you agree to stay and have attended a few weeks, you will be invited to make a special promise.

The core promise is:

"I promise that I will do my best to do my duty to God and to the QWueen and to keep the Cub Scout law."

Of course, being a multi-faith organisation, we have an alternative promise for anyone with other faiths or of no denomination.

If you would like to join us, please visit the Contact Us page.

The Cub Scout Law

"Cubs Scouts always do their best and do a good turn every day."

The Cub Scout Uniform

Cubs wear a green polo shirt and jumper, navy cargo trousers, and black shoes and socks. They also wear a neckerchief/scarf (often called a “necker”) in the colour of their Scout Group (the 5th Letchworth necker is magenta and silver). They will be given a plastic scarf tie called a “woggle,” in the colour of their Six (their small group of Cubs). These items can be purchased at the LBD Scout Shop at the back of District Headquarters located on Icknield Way at the entrance to Busy Bee nursery in Letchworth.  The shop is run by volunteers and is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8pm.

Cubs Meetings

When you join Cubs, you will be put into a “Six.” Each Six will have, yes you guessed it, five other Cubs with a Sixer (leader) and a Seconder (deputy). This allows them to learn responsibility and leadership.

Cubs is the only section that does what’s called a “Grand Howl” at the beginning and end of every meeting where they repeat their promise to the section leader, Akela.  This is the serious, ceremonial part of the night and all Cubs are expected to be dressed appropriately and respectful for this time.

We plan our programme each term to include the required activities necessary to earn the highest award of the Cubs section – the Chief Scout’s Silver Award.  It is a 2-year process and everything they do along the way counts toward some aspect. Beavers earn the Bronze Award, Scouts earn the Gold Award, and it continues even into adulthood if they so desire.

Parent helpers are always welcome! We have a parent rota online where we list the weeks where additional help is necessary to run that week’s activity. It’s as easy as signing in and signing up! We welcome your involvement.