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Our headquarters

The Group has its headquarters at 35 Spring Road, in Letchworth Garden City.

Our hall at 35 Spring Road

Other hall users

In addition to being used by our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts; our hall is used on a regular basis by the local St Andrews' Scottish Country Dancing Association.

Having a party, meeting or class?

The hall may also be available for private bookings. Unfortunately, due to problems caused by previous bookers, we can only accept bookings from people who are known to the Group or who's application can be supported by one of the Leaders. We are sorry if this sounds over the top, but we have found it to be necessary because of the inconsiderate actions of a minority.

The hall comprises a main meeting area of approximately 40 feet by 20 feet, plus cloakrooms and a kitchen and is suitable for up to 40 people. There is also a small grassed area and a play area with rubberised soft surface.

The hall has smoke detectors fitted and there are appropriately maintained fire extinguishers throughout the building.

Please also note - although all rooms are at ground level, the entrance does have a step and a raised threshold.

Our hire charges are:

  • £15.00 per hour for the first two hours.
  • £10.00 per hour for each hour thereafter or part thereof.
  • Minimum duration one hour.

Full booking conditions can be found here.

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